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(144) Fraudulent PGP keys in Craig's submission

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Docket entry 144 has been submitted, but it's not available yet on CourtListener. But Contrarian__ on Reddit has seen it, and posted a very interesting article on Reddit.

Allegedly Craig Wright has submitted an email into evidence purporting to be from Dave Kleiman, authorising Uyen Ngunyen to become a director of his "bitcoin company". The email is dated from 2012.

However, the email is signed with allegedly Dave's PGP key. The problem is that the signature contains some metadata, including the time and date the signature was created, and this indicates the signature was created in 2014, well after Dave died. It was also (completely coincidentally) just a few weeks before Uyen was in fact made a director of the company (by Craig).

Go read the Reddit article yourself. It sure does look like backdating evidence seems to be Craig's modus operandi. He has a history of creating phony, backdated PGP keys, for example.

I'm looking forward to reading the docket entry when it appears, and finding out what Ira's lawyers will make of all this. I hope they read Reddit!