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The lawsuit between Ira Kleiman and Craig S Wright

#237 Exhibit 18 discussing directors of C01N Ltd

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One of the exhibits recently submitted by the plaintiffs at the recent show cause hearing, Exhibit 18, discusses in part the directors of C01N Ltd. This is a company that by all appearances was not bought by Craig until 2014, even although it was listed as a trustee of Tulip Trust I, which was allegedly set up in 2012.

The emails are allegedly between Craig Wright and someone called Robert MacGregor, in April 2016. However, the information in the emails (relating to C01N Ltd) are at odds with the official company information on Companies House.

One trustee of the Tulip Trust didn't exist until 2014

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Craig Wright has just submitted a sworn declaration giving details about his blind trusts. One of them, Tulip Trust I, was formalised in October 2012, and one of the trustees is listed as C01N Ltd. However, no company of that name existed in 2012, and the company that later became C01N Ltd seems to have had no association with Craig until 2014.

#211 All Craig's coins are hidden (from everyone) in the Tulip Trust

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Docket entry #211 is available on Court Listener. Here, Craig purports that all the coins he allegedly mined after block 70, until the end of 2010, are locked in an encrypted file that can only be opened by a subset of N keys. Therefore, he cannot provide any information about them, until the "Tulip Trust" opens up.

In other words, Craig's evidence is locked in an encrypted file that he cannot access.

#178 Craig Wright claims to have mined (very) early blocks

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Docket entry #178 had been published on Court Listener. This purports to answer the question of which public bitcoin addresses were controlled by Craig before 2013, and which were put into the alleged blind trust.

Here Craig claims that he "did not keep track of which Bitcoin blocks he mined", but nonetheless provides a redacted list of blocks that he claims to have mined. Unfortunately it seems that they were not redacted very well...

#137 Order Memorializing Rulings

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Craig Wright was deposed on April 4th 2019. It looks like he refused to answer various questions for various reasons, so the lawyers got on the phone with the judge to see how to proceed. So this docket entry is a summary of what was discussed on that phone call, and what the result was.